Best things to do in Munich

Best Things to do in Munich

Munich is a city that makes you fall in love with its welcoming ambiance and monumental superstructures. It is the capital of Bavaria which is famous for its old buildings and various museums. It is an amazing place for tourists as they can find a number of amazing places to visit and make their trip worthwhile. The most awesome reason to visit Munich is that you can find a very elaborate and well-planned transportation system which makes it convenient for tourists to move around the city. You can plan a very affordable trip to Munich as there are a number of affordable hotels in Munich. You can easily book a stay in a serene hotel in Munich at very affordable rates in any budget hotel. Here are few of the most awe-inspiring things that you can try once when you are in this city:

  • Allianz Arena Stadium:

If you are a sports fan and your thirst for a good match never gets satisfied, then you definitely need to visit the Allianz Arena Stadium. This stadium accommodates up to 75000 spectators who can enjoy a thrilling football match between any of the city’s teams. It has replaced the Olympic stadium in the year 2005 to 2006. The world cup finals took place in this stadium in 2006, which is famous for its luminous panels that change color depending on the type of matches as well as the teams that are playing.  

  • Pinakothek Museums

Pinakothek Museums comprises of three museums which are known as Old, New and Modern. The Old Pinakothek is considered to be one of the oldest galleries in the world and comprises of amazing pieces of art by some of the renowned artists of the ancient world. The next two that are the New and Modern Pinakothek museums cover the 19th century and modern art respectively. It consists of segments of Munich’s arts known as Kuntstareal. It was ordered to be built by King Ludwig I in the early nineteenth century and was one of the biggest museums of that time. Its exterior is a depiction of the neo-renaissance which became an inspiration for museums around Europe.

  • Munich Residenz

The Munich Residenz, a very famous palace museum in Munich was made open to the public in 1920. Prior to this, it was the home of the Wittelsbachs, who were Bavarian rulers. It has sophisticated art collections and intricate architectural designs which were an iconic symbol of the royal blood’s power. It was unfortunate that during the Second World War this palace had to face a lot of damage but it has been restored as much as it was possible which places it on the top of the list of palace museums in Europe. This palace houses some of the most stunning collection of porcelain, paintings, chandliers and sculptures which are going to leave the visitors in awe.


Thus, you can easily plan an enjoyable trip to this city with amazing tourist attractions where you can easily find budget hotels in Munich.