How To Make Your Office More Sustainable

In the workplace, the push to go green and make sustainable changes is in full force. Not only will it make a difference to the environment, but it could be more cost effective for you too.

When you hear the word green and eco-friendly it can be daunting and also appear that big changes need to be made. But as a matter of fact, small changes add up to big results and anything you can do as a business to support the planet is fantastic.

Go Paperless

Switch from paper to online clouds and computer files. Paper and documents are printed unnecessarily when in reality they can be shared as online files, email attachments and downloaded with ease by each user.

By printing less paper you’ll be saving on both paper usage and ink consumption.

Travel Incentives

Regardless of the number of employees you have, offering some type of travel incentive could change the way your team travels into work. The more people on the road using cars, will increase the bad gasses into the atmosphere.  

So, switching over to walking, biking or car sharing can make all the difference.

Re-usable Containers

When you’re getting your lunch prepared for work, steer clear of single use plastic bags and coverings. To over come this issue, all that’s need is a strong, reusable lunch box that can be used everyday.

By making the change you’ll be reducing the amount of plastic that goes into landfill.

Provide the right bins

A large part of recycling in the office is making sure that you have the right facilities available to do so. Place a waste and recycling bin in the office with labels so all the rubbish goes to the right place.

LED Light Bulbs

We’ve been told for ages that light bulbs should be changed to LED’s – but why?

LED lights use less energy than the standard light bulb and are much more energy efficient using more than 75% less energy. In addition, LED light bulbs last a lot longer than a regular bulb.